Credit: Tony Rivetti Jr./Netflix

Ever since Tom Sawyer first waltzed into his own funeral declaring that reports of his death had been greatly exaggerated, the prospect of faking one’s death has had a special pull in American pop culture. For someone stuck in a dead-end job and lousy marriage like Charlie (David Spade) in Netflix’s new movie The Do-Over, faking your death seems like a pretty good way to start over. Luckily for Charlie, his long-lost friend Max (Adam Sandler) reappears at their high school reunion to help him do just that.

But as anyone who’s watched The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones knows, coming back from the dead isn’t always pretty. Turns out that that Charlie and Max’s new identities belonged to some shady people, and now they find themselves pursued by a scary-looking group of mercenaries. Eventually Charlie realizes that maybe burning down his old life wasn’t the best idea after all.

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Watch the trailer below. The Do-Over hits Netflix on Friday.

The Do-Over
  • Movie
  • 108 minutes