'I cry every time I watch it' the country singer says of the footage.

Joey Feek and Rory Feek
Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

As Rory Feek continues to grieve the loss of his wife, Joey, he is also sharing memories and moments from their life together with fans on his personal blog, This Life I Live.

On Saturday, the country singer shared a video he had shot of Joey with their then-newborn daughter Indiana, who is now 2.

“Life was perfect that day,” Rory wrote. “So was Joey. Completely unaware of the difficult news that was in store for her in just a few weeks, and the beautiful, tragic end that would come 18 months later. And unaware also that her story would be shared and followed by millions of people who would love and pray for her and for us.”

The video, shot during a winter afternoon in 2014, shows a pajama-clad Joey cutting Rory’s hair in a bathroom before singing to Indiana while sipping on coffee.

“I cry every time I watch it,” Rory writes of the footage, which he uploaded to his blog. “And I laugh so hard.”

“It’s a moment in time, that stands still,” he continued. “A moment that remains, even though time has moved on. I love that. There are hundreds of these moments that I captured. Maybe more. And they all add up to a bigger story that God was telling with our lives. A story that I hope to have the chance to share later this summer or fall. I know how special and how healing it has already been for me. Maybe it can be that way for others.”

Rory added that he has “thousands” of “little clips” to watch over and piece together, adding that he’s still trying to wrap his head around the footage and what the final product will be about. (“Was it a story about down-syndrome … about our little girl? Or a story about cancer and learning to really live, even while you’re life is slipping away? Or a story about love and how hope never really dies? “)

Joey died on March 4 after a long battle with terminal cancer. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in May 2014, just a few months after Rory’s footage was shot.