By Gerrad Hall
Updated May 22, 2016 at 11:39 PM EDT
Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Revealing last month that he’s working on a new script that is “super good” and “a departure” from the TV shows and movies he’s done before, The Avengers writer-director Joss Whedon is finally giving some more details about his next project.

“It is a story about a girl who goes through some unbelievable sh–,” Whedon explained to TheWrap Saturday at the inaugural HeForShe Media Summit in Los Angeles. “And that much is all I can say.”

Admitting it’s “different from everything I’ve done… except for that it’s exactly the same,” Whedon says he’s currently working through an issue in the movie’s third act.

Issues or not, though, Whedon revealed at the Tribeca Film Festival in April that this one strikes an emotional chord.

“I wrote all the way through to the end of the movie and was crying, in public,” Whedon said. “The restaurant closed. The valet guy came to me and then just turned around and went the other way. And I don’t like to make a spectacle of myself, but I had to take off my shirt and blow my nose into it because they had taken away all the napkins. I couldn’t stand up. I couldn’t stop crying, and then I got in a car – luckily somebody else was driving – and kept crying for about 20 more minutes.”

Attending the HeForShe event where he was recognized for his work fighting for women’s rights, Whedon also told The Wrap he could see himself tackling a female-led superhero movie. “I tend more towards the Jessica Jones-ey kind of stories than the delightful Supergirl stories that my daughter wants.”