By Nick Romano
Updated May 21, 2016 at 04:41 PM EDT
The Graham Norton Show

The story from British comedian Greg Davies involving his mother’s underwear, a massive hangover, curry, and bowel movements would make anyone laugh, but Ryan Gosling broke down in uncontrollable giggles when he heard it on The Graham Norton Show.

On this week’s episode, which also included guests Jodie Foster and Russell Crowe, Davies recalled the time he accidentally wore his mother’s underwear to a school with hearing-impaired students the day after a night of heavy drinking and curry. He made the revelation in the bathroom, but at that point, he said, “the curry and the booze kicked in.”

“I did like a fecal Jackson Pollack,” he added as Gosling struggled to hold it together. But the biggest embarrassment (and laughs) came when Davies said he realized he had his microphone on during that entire experience.

Watch Gosling break down in laughter in the video above.

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