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"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere

Since taking the reins of The Daily Show from Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah has developed his own brand of comedic news coverage, defined more by Noah’s bemused charm than Stewart’s fiery denunciations of Fox News. But on Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show, Noah brought out his own invective side as he seethed against anti-transgender bathroom laws being passed in states like North Carolina, and the commentators spreading hyperbolic fear of sexual assault.

“You do understand the transgender population in America is closer to zero percent than one percent?” Noah said. “0.3 percent of the population is transgender. So the chance of you bumping into a transgender person in the bathroom is almost zero percent. But the chance of a transgender person needing the bathroom is 100 percent. They’re already dealing with their own s–t, now you’re giving them yours? I don’t understand, it’s so absurd.”

In true Daily Show style, Noah mercilessly mocked several clips of pundits from channels like Fox News and CNN waxing on the “dangers” of transgender bathroom use. Ultimately, however, he didn’t blame them for the controversy. He blamed the penis.

“That’s what this is really about: No one wants to see a penis,” Noah said. “If you notice, no one’s having the conversation the other way. ‘What, so there’s gonna be a vagina in the men’s room?’ No one’s saying that… Penises are disgusting…. Men grow their bellies just so they don’t have to see them anymore.”

Watch the full clip below.

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere
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