By Christian Holub
May 20, 2016 at 12:49 PM EDT
CBS via Getty Images

In the wake of Morley Safer’s death, Stephen Colbert remembered the longtime 60 Minutes correspondent on The Late Show Thursday. Colbert recalled his experiences with Safer, who profiled him for 60 Minutes during his first year of The Colbert Report.

“The first time I met him, he was standing outside Sony Studios at 54th and 10th Avenue,” shared Colbert. “He was leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette, and wearing a checked sports jacket like he was reporting on the Belmont Stakes from 1972, wearing a cravat or something like that. He took a puff off his cigarette and threw it under his shoe and stomped it out like he was James Dean. He goes, ‘Morley Safer.'”

Colbert said he also ran into Safer smoking a vape pen in the CBS elevators a few months ago. “I said, ‘Morley, you look like you’re from the future,’ and he said, ‘Stephen, I am the future,’ and got off the elevator.”

Then Colbert replayed a video Safer had recorded for a 2006 episode of The Colbert Report, showing the journalist’s unforgettable delivery. Watch the triibute below.