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Anything on The Flash or Arrow season finales? — RuthAnne

I choose The Flash! Following Henry Allen’s heartbreaking death at the hands of Zoom, a distraught and broken Barry Allen toes a dangerous line in his quest for revenge. “After finally learning Zoom’s real plan, Barry embarks on the race of his life to try to stop Zoom once and for all,” EP Aaron Helbing says of the action-packed season ender. That race finds Barry using everything in his arsenal — and maybe a trick or two he’s learned from Zoom — to prevent an earth-shattering event. But it’s the surprise ending that will make you question what could happen next.

How is Jane going to deal with the consequences of what she’s been doing since she met Oscar on Blindspot? — N.

Realizing that she helped manufacture all that’s happened, Jane is out for justice for Mayfair’s death in the finale. “It’s sickening, because she’s thinking, ‘Why would I want to kill somebody?'” Jaimie Alexander says. But Jane may have bigger problems. After Bill’s deathbed confession, Weller is on the hunt to find out what really happened to Taylor Shaw, leading to a shocking discovery that will radically change Blindspot in season 2.

Is there anything you can say about Wayward Pines season 2? — Dyna

The new season starts off in a very surprising place, but with a number of familiar faces from season 1 returning right off the bat. As for the town itself, Wayward Pines is a very different, more militaristic place in season 2. In short: War isn’t coming, it’s already here.

Loved the reveal that Scottie is Tom’s mom on The Blacklist. But wish we got to see more of that in the finale. — Jared

Then it’s a good thing the spin-off, The Blacklist: Redemption, has been picked up to series, because that will definitely explore more of their delicate dynamic. “I do think Tom is smart enough to realize that his power comes from the fact that he knows something Scottie does not,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “So it’s going to be imperative for him to keep this little secret to himself.”

Anything on the Chicago P.D. finale? — Jesse

Roman has a very difficult decision to make in the season ender. “He’s presented with the option of — because of the injuries — staying on but in a limited capacity in the police department or taking a walk,” EP Matt Olmstead says. “He has to decide if it’s important to him to help out in any way he can, or is the prospect of a desk job not what he’s up for? In his mind, he weighs it evenly between, ‘If I can’t be a full cop on the street then I’m not going to be a cop at all.'”

With Mellie and Cyrus basically running against each other on Scandal, will they have to play fair? — Simon

Oh, you mean because it’s mutually assured destruction? You would think that’s the case, but probably not. “They know so much dirt on each other,” Bellamy Young tells me. “In some ways, it neutralizes it, and in some ways, it turns up the heat. All opportunities are there. I know the game will be a mine field.”

Bones? — Michael

While both Booth and Brennan are initially sidelined on an upcoming case, Hodgins goes all in to find the killer, making a wildly dangerous move that actually helps him gain some acceptance about his paralysis.

If Hive was basically the source of all evil, how is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. going to top that next season? — Charles

That’s certainly a tall order, but it sounds like TPTB at S.H.I.E.L.D. already have a plan to address that. “Sometimes it’s nice to move away from how mustache-twirly that is and get a lot more personal and gritty with it,” EP Jed Whedon says. Now the real question is: Who’s the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Stay tuned. I have some answers on that front. In the meantime, get more scoop on season 4 here.

Anything on the Gotham finale? — Siena

The double dose of Jim Gordon provides a touch of comedy in the finale. While one version is put through the wringer by Hugo Strange, where he surprisingly finds absolution, the other villain-version of Jim attempts to keep GCPD at bay, killing time because The Court of Owls and Huge Strange have other plans for Indian Hill.

Please something, anything on Game of Thrones. — Merika

Sunday’s episode is cryptically titled “The Door” and fans have been going mad trying to figure out what that means. All we know is the episode includes some major Bran scenes as the young Stark gets new insight into the White Walkers.

Worst news I’ve heard all week: I will truly miss Callie Torres.

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