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Despite the overwhelming success of his movies, it’s possible to accuse Seth Rogen’s comedy of being a little juvenile. So on Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Rogen took it a step further, performing stand-up comedy literally written by elementary school kids. Highlights included: “What did Dr. Frankenstein say about his dog’s drool? That’s saliva,” and “How many ears does Captain Kirk have? His left ear, his right ear, and his Final Front-ear.”

Rogen pointed out that the kids even wrote segues between the jokes. “I’m taking these laughs as my own, even though they’re not technically my laughs,” Rogen said. “They’re child’s laughs.”

Then host Jimmy Fallon took his turn, performing more elementary-school jokes like, “Where does the president keep his armies? In his sleevies.” Then, he and Rogen united for a final round of two-man bits.

Watch the clip below.

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