Plus: Nick's future with Adalind and those unexpected magical stick side effects
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Season 5 of Grimm has come to a close with an explosive, action-packed, and emotional two-hour finale episode. “The Beginning of the End” had it all — from epic fight scenes to a heartwarming moment between Monroe and Rosalee. The stage certainly has been set for a dramatic sixth season.

We caught up with David Giuntoli, who plays Nick, to get the scoop on Eve’s (or should we say, Juliette’s?) unexpected reaction to the miracle stick, the future of Nick and Adalind’s relationship, and what he hopes to see in season 6.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We saw the miracle stick heal Monroe and Nick, but with Eve, it had a little bit of a different effect. It seems to have returned her emotions. Should we assume that she’s back to being Juliette now?

Yeah, that stick is to hexenbiests what penicillin is to human beings. It just kind of cures all. The stick looks like it cured Juliette of her mortal wounds, or would-have-been mortal wounds, and in the meantime also kind of cured her of her hexenbiest side effects, I suppose. And we see that with Juliette, and I think that if that moment had happened at any other moment, it would have been a much longer moment, but we were in the process of being ambushed so Nick didn’t have a lot of time to process that. But it’s in the back of Nick’s mind.

Let’s talk about the fate of Nick and Adalind’s relationship. Not only do we have Juliette as a potential threat to that relationship now, but there’s also Diana who could very well just kill Nick in his sleep if she decides she doesn’t like him.

I don’t think Diana is evil at heart. Again, she’s kind of like the circus animal where we get so surprised if they hurt us, but they’re not supposed to be juggling. That elephant isn’t supposed to be balancing something on its nose. As for Adalind, I think that Nick understands that Adalind was being put in an impossible situation and she’s being blackmailed with her family. And he’s not happy that she’s “with” Renard right now, but I think he can forgive her.

What do you think was going through Nick’s mind in the final moment of the episode when he and Renard were just staring at each other?

I’m going to let the viewers figure that out, but I’m going to give them multiple choices. One: God, Renard is sexy. I hope this ends in a kiss. Two: I am going to take that sword and shove it… what do I say here? Okay, two: Let’s have a melee to the death. Three: Let’s politically solve this.

If Renard tries to make the switch back to the light side and be a good guy again, could his relationship with the gang ever be repaired?

No, he’s not infected with some spell. I think Renard just wants power right now. So, I think it’d be hard for him to come back to the gang, but anything can happen on Grimm. Remember when Nick was a zombie? Anything can happen.

Can we expect to see Black Claw rolling over into the next season?

Oh, that group is so done. They’re not gonna come for me again; I killed like 30 people that tried to get me. Now it’s Renard versus Nick. I think.

What are you hoping to see with Nick’s character in the next season?

We’ve built such rich histories for all of our characters now. I kind of hope we have some time to steep in our main characters and focus a little less on Black Claw and stuff like the exterior, evil groups. Let Juliette come back and watch the fallout of that. The writers brilliantly set up this scenario where Nick’s now happily with Adalind and they have a kid. And what in the world, how do we explore that? I don’t think it’s something that should just be glossed over. You know, Monroe and Rosalee are having a kid. That is a beautiful moment. I think it’s wonderful. Two different wesen together, kind of getting over their differences. And I think there is time to explore all of that.

How is Nick going to react if Monroe and Rosalee don’t choose him as the godfather of their baby?

He’ll just quietly resent them for the rest of the series.

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