Credit: NBC

Fred Armisen will be hosting the season finale of Saturday Night Live, returning to the stage he called home for 11 seasons. With all that experience, Armisen is close to many people in the SNL orbit. In fact, he and The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon know each other so well that they decided to try reading each other’s minds on Thursday night.

To help out, Fallon brought out “a mind-reading orb” he supposedly got from New Mexico. The two put their hands on the glowing orb, as Armisen tried to “read” what Fallon had written on a hidden piece of paper. He guessed there was a Germanic root and sounded out different syllables before finally guessing “chocolate,” even though Fallon’s word was “lemon.”

Then it was Armisen’s turn. His word was “wheel,” but Fallon guessed “Madonna.” They even tried a final, collaborative round, but it didn’t go any better.

Watch the clip below.

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