Make Happy

Bo Burnham made waves three years ago when he blended music and stand-up comedy in his first special what., and now the YouTube star-turned-TV breakout is set to do it again with his second special Make Happy.

In the trailer, which Burnham tweeted out Friday, the comedian talks to the audience about the modern culture of performing, saying, “I’m supposed to get up here and say, ‘Follow your dreams,’ as if this is a meritocracy? It’s not, okay; I had a privileged life and I got lucky and I’m unhappy.”

Burnham goes on to criticize social media as “the market’s answer to a generation that’s demanded to perform,” continuing to relate somewhat depressing, societal viewpoints in a soft voice over inspirational music.

Make Happy premieres on Netflix June 3. It’s one of the handful of stand-up specials that Netflix has slated for release this summer.

Make Happy
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