Did we mention they were both wearing wigs of Efron's 8th grade crimped hairstyle?
Credit: NBC

War is one of the simplest and yet simultaneously frustrating card games in existence. Two players take half a deck and flip over cards one by one, and the player with the higher card wins both. It can be fun, but it can also go on forever. On Wednesday, Zac Efron and Jimmy Fallon put a new twist on the game, adding cups of water to make it more interesting. In this game of “Water War,” the loser of each round was punished with a glass of water to the face. And this version came with a built-in time limit: each player had five glasses of water. The first person to use all their glasses got to spray the other with a full-on water gun.

Fallon won the first round. “So good to see you,” he said before throwing the first glass of water into Efron’s face. Both players had been wearing wigs of Efron’s eighth grade crimped hairstyle, but once wet, the modern Efron ripped his off. Efron won the next one and noted, “This seems so disrespectful,” as he threw the glass of water in Fallon’s face.

When Fallon started getting audience requests to take his shirt off, Efron, who knows a thing or two about getting asked that, provided some helpful advice.

“Anytime anyone asks that, just say, ‘After you!'” Efron said.

Watch the clip below to see who won.