Judging by his devoted social media following, busy movie schedule, and frequent magazine cover appearances, it’s fair to say there are lots of people who’d flip over the chance to meet Zac Efron.

But Barbra Streisand is not one of them.

While discussing his new movie Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising during a recent SiriusXM town hall on EW Radio (ch. 105), Efron opened up about the time he almost got to make Streisand’s acquaintance — only to be rebuffed.

The near-introduction came about when Efron was visiting future Neighbors costar Seth Rogen on the set of The Guilt Trip, the 2012 mother-son comedy Rogen made with Streisand.

“Do you want to meet her?” Efron recalled being asked. “We can go see if you can meet her.”

But it wasn’t meant to be: “Somebody came back and was just like, no,” Efron said, laughing. “I’m going to say it’s because she was working.”

A supportive Rogen chimed in, “I think she was working. Let’s say that, yeah.”

Watch the video above. Neighbors 2 opens Friday.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
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