This fall's DC series crossover will be 'the biggest one ever'
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

You’ve said it. We’ve said it.

But nobody representing the CBS / The CW industrial complex has publicly said it.

Until now.

After unveiling their fall schedule on Thursday morning — complete with Supergirl on Monday nights — The CW president Mark Pedowiz was asked on a conference call with reporters about how Supergirl might change in its new home.

“We are sitting down with Greg Berlanti and his team next week or so,” Pedowitz said. “We have a rough idea where they’re heading and, because our working relationship with Greg, we’re confident they understand what our needs are. As for the tone or tonality of the series, they did have a pretty successful series. The fact it’s now moved to The CW, where it should have been in the first place, I don’t think it will have a big impact on the tone.”

Exactly! Where it should have been in the first place. Now was that so hard? The CW only has three other DC Comics shows, after all (The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow), which have the same executive producer as Supergirl (Greg Berlanti). The network NCIS and The Good Wife never seemed felt like the right home for Kara Zor-El. (Which is perhaps why CBS wanted it.)

Pedowitz added, “This is a good thing for The CW, our parent companies [Warner Bros. and CBS Corp.] recognized this was the right place for it, and were deeply supportive across the board.”

The executive pledged that the network’s annual DC series crossover event will be “the biggest one ever.”

Pedowitz was also asked about Supergirl costar Calista Flockhart, who plays Cat Grant. The series’ production is moving from Los Angeles ($$$$) to Vancouver ($$) for season 2. But Flockhart’s original deal was to work near her home in Los Angeles, so it’s been unclear if she’s willing to commute. “We’re in ongoing discussions,” Pedowitz says. “We’re thrilled that she wants to continue with the show and we’re happy to have her in [in whatever capacity] works out.”

See The CW’s new fall schedule, which has Supergirl airing on Mondays at 8 p.m. — same as on CBS.

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