Caterina Scorsone and Kevin McKidd discuss what's next
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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Read at your own risk!

Though it appeared we’d have a Runaway Bride situation on our hands in the Grey’s Anatomy finale, Owen and Amelia did make it down the aisle. The question now is whether the couple’s marriage will actually last after they tied the knot relatively quickly.

“It’ll be exciting to see whether there’s any blowback from this rushed thing,” McKidd tells EW. “It’ll be fun to explore.”

While Amelia had an existential crisis and briefly fled the wedding, Scorsone suspects the neurosurgeon is all in when the show returns for season 13. “The truth is, they do love each other,” the actress says. “They recognize in each other a wounded soul, and they feel understood by one another in a way that they don’t feel understood by most people.”

“I think there are going to be bumps in the road, and they’re going to have to learn about each other, but that’s life, that’s any marriage,” Scorsone continues. “You’re not the same person the day you’re married that you are 10 or 15 years later. It’s always going to be a question of waking up every morning and getting to know the person that you’re living with. Yes, they’re doing a turbo version of that, but maybe it’s a good orientation toward marriage — not taking everything for granted and getting to know each other every day.”

Still, Scorsone recognizes the obvious: “As with anything in Shondaland, it’s going to be a ride,” she says with a laugh. “They better buckle up.”

Amelia’s disappearing act before the wedding came in the wake of Meredith’s struggle with her sister-in-law marrying her best friend’s ex-husband. The doc even claimed that everyone only gets one great love, which would mean both Owen and Amelia both have already lost theirs — an assessment Scorsone doesn’t necessarily agree with. “Humans are made of fundamentally the same stuff in different combinations,” she says. “The thing that allows us to recognize each other in TV, in family, in relationships, and in friendships is the fact that we are made of different proportions of love, pain, fear, and joy. There are different loves for different times, and different loves for different situations.”

“The loss that both of them experienced made them into different people than they were before,” she continues. “These new people that they’ve become can find their true loves now. You find love in the present that you’re in as the person that you are based on everything that you’ve been through.”

The wedding also provided an opportunity for Owen to take a step toward reconciliation with Riggs (Martin Henderson). Owen’s ex-friend and almost-brother delivered the MIA wedding rings after best man April (Sarah Drew) went into labor. “It’s by no means resolved at all,” McKidd says of their tenuous relationship. “There’s still obviously a lot of history between them. It’s bittersweet for them. Owen and Nathan were meant to be each other’s best man when they were friends. Owen’s not quite ready to go there yet, but he opens the door for him to come to the wedding and celebrate that.”

Grey’s Anatomy will return this fall on ABC. In the meantime, read our postmortem with Ellen Pompeo and Kelly McCreary on that love triangle twist here, and our postmortem with Camilla Luddington on that Jo Wilson reveal here. Plus: Sara Ramirez exits ahead of season 13.

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