Lisa Bonet, tank tops, and fake tattoos made it unforgettable

By Christian Holub
May 19, 2016 at 02:16 PM EDT

Despite all the grit and grime of Game of Thrones, the show’s real-life premieres can be extravagant affairs. But that didn’t stop Dax Shepard and wife Kristen Bell from showing up to the recent season 6 premiere in temporary tattoos and tank tops that read “Stark in the streets, wildling in the sheets.”

“Now this is a formal event,” Shepard said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday. “Everyone there is in black tie, except for us two hillbillies in our tank tops and tons of tattoos. And when we were together, it was awesome. I felt like the belle of the ball.”

However, Shepard and Bell weren’t together the whole time. At one point they got separated, and Shepard found himself talking to his “all-time crush of all time,” Lisa Bonet. Shepard told Kimmel he had gotten so used to his outlandish outfit by that point, he’d basically forgotten about it.

“I go up to her and I’m saying hi to her, and it’s not the warm reception I’ve had in the past,” Shepard explained. “And then I just realized, ‘Oh my God, I’m in a tank top. I have bad tattoos all over my neck. I’m not with Kristen. I look insane.’ I looked like they let a crazy person in. So midway through ‘Hi, how have you been?’ I was like, ‘I gotta get my wife over here. Kristen! Get over here so Lisa Bonet doesn’t think I’m crazy!'”

Watch the clip below.