The star promises a 'more caper-y, light-hearted' end to the first season

By Breanne L. Heldman
May 19, 2016 at 12:00 AM EDT
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Just a few months ago, Shonda Rhimes’ latest drama, The Catch, began with a wedding that completely fell apart. On Thursday night, the series faces its first season finale, much of which is spent — where else? — at a wedding. In between those attempted nuptials, however, we’ve watched private investigator Alice Vaughan (Mireille Enos) struggle with the fact that the man she was supposed to marry, Benjamin Jones (Peter Krause), is a con artist and she was his mark… until he fell legitimately in love with her. 

Despite coming from different sides of the law — and their crews’ appropriate level of disapproval — Alice and Ben can’t seem to stay away from each other, and fans can’t help but root for them to be together. That goes for Enos as well. “It’s a fairy tale,” she admits to EW, even pointing out that such a stance “may be revealing my own weakness about love.”

Putting love in the long-term aside for a moment, Enos also offered a glimpse at what to expect from the two-hour finale ahead, and what she’d like to see Alice do more of in the second season.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The promo at the end of last week’s episode said this finale “vows to wow” – what does that actually mean?

MIREILLE ENOS: At the end of episode 8, there’s lots of dangling storylines that need to be wrapped up, and Allan [Heinberg, the showrunner] did an incredible job of addressing every single storyline [in the finale]. Plus, there’s the addition of a character, played by Lesley Nicol, the mother of Margot and Rhys. She’s a very powerful character that comes in and, without giving too much away, basically both of our worlds — which stay pretty separate, the con world and the private investigator world — they all come crashing in on each other and everybody ends up at the same event. And it’s pretty awesome what happens. 

I assume you’re talking about the wedding. It can’t be an accident that the series began with a wedding and its first season is ending with one as well. 

That was absolutely intentional, that we started with the falling apart of a wedding and we’re ending all of us back at a wedding.

And making that wedding fall apart in some way? Because you guys all at a wedding at the same time can’t be a good thing.

It could be really messy, right? It’s a very fun episode. The show dances between different tones. The teaser of the pilot was this very, kind of light, Oceans Eleven tone and then, because of what happens to Alice and her heartbreak and wanting to give enough time to the reality of that, there’s been some serious tones as we’ve gone through the season, and the finale returns to that more caper-y, light-hearted, Oceans Eleven or Mr. and Mrs. Smith kind of feel.

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Perhaps the darkest turn all season was Margot (Sonya Walger) posing as Alice’s new therapist. Is Alice at all suspicious of her? She’s certainly said a few things no real therapist would ever say.

No, not yet. And Alice had never been to therapy before — she doesn’t have a frame of reference. In episode 9, she’s going to figure it out.

Will she get any good moments back at Margot for that in the finale?

She has a beautiful revenge. It’s very exciting…. There was some talk about like, “Is this too mean? Is this too strong on Alice’s part?” And both Allan Heinberg and I were like, “No way! There’s nothing that could be too strong as a payback for what she did.” It’s very satisfying.

Is Agent Dao (Jacky Ido) to be trusted?

It’s funny, we actually sit around on set and theorize about where things are going, and we keep going back and forth about Dao. Because, at the beginning, we were like, “He’s no good. He’s absolutely lying to everybody and there’s a dark underbelly.” But now that he’s having this sweet love affair with Val, I don’t know. Maybe he’s just a good guy.

Will there be any development on that front in this finale or is that saved for next season?

That’s saved. There’s no big resolution to Dao’s history.

Do you like when Alice gets to get all dressed up for these black tie events?

It’s fun. The whole last episode — at least half of this episode — we spent at this wedding, and all of us dressed to the nines, all the girls in gowns and boys in tuxedos. It was so sweet all of us sitting around for 12 hours a day looking at each other being so beautiful. It was really fun.

You’ve just finished your first season as a member of Team Shondaland – how has being part of that differed from some other projects you’ve worked on?

It feels like being part of a community. Every week when we would talk about how the show had done… we would talk about our show and viewership in a context with the other Shondaland shows. And anytime there’s a moment for the cast to gather, from the other shows as well, it feels like such a family. That’s something that people say, like, “Oh, Shondaland’s a family,” but Shonda Rhimes has actually succeeded in accomplishing that. She has no patience for people who aren’t team players, hard workers, respectful, and kind to each other.

How has that played out for you personally?

In the casting process, before anyone’s even invited into the show, she makes lots of phone calls to everywhere you’ve ever worked. It’s such a clear example of how one’s reputation really does follow them and how it just pays off to be nice to the people around you.

What’s one thing you want to do more of in season 2?

I don’t know how this would work, but I think it would be fun to have Ben and Alice in some context team up to do jobs together. And I think it would be fun for there to be sunglasses and wigs and lots more sneaky business going on. The two of them in love and also giving each other a hard time.

What would you like to see a little less of? 

I would like to see less of these very separate worlds that have very separate tones. I think it would be fun to have the worlds more united.

What would you like to have Alice do for the first time?

It would be fun to have Alice be silly. I don’t know what Alice looks like when she’s silly.

The two-hour finale of The Catch airs Thursday, May 19, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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