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Since launching in 2012, the Screen Junkies team behind Honest Trailers has often taken aim at Disney films for regurgitating plot lines. Their latest, a sarcastic take on 2012 animated adventure Wreck-It Ralph, likens the film to a Toy Story rip-off.

“You’ve seen toys come to life in Toy Story, now kick your childrens’ paranoia into overdrive with the exact same premise, but for video games,” the narrator proclaims.

The clip goes on to criticize a batch of other narrative repeats, calling Sarah Silverman’s character “an incorrigible PG version of Sarah Silverman, who is secretly a princess because Disney can’t veer too far off brand.” It also chastises the film for failing to score the rights to notable arcade franchises like Donkey Kong and Mario Bros, instead substituting “weird hybrid characters.”

The gut-busting jabs culminate in a tongue-twisting synopsis of the film’s convoluted storyline, about “a bad guy who’s tired of being bad who runs away to become a good guy, which is bad for these good guys. But when our good bad guy realizes being bad is good, he can save the good guys from the real bad guy by being good at being bad. It’s not as bad as it sounds.”

Say that 10 times fast, then watch the trailer above.

Wreck-It Ralph
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