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Seth Rogen is a longtime fan of writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon’s comic Preacher, about a small town Texas minister who gains the power to get people to do whatever he says. In fact, Rogen once lobbied Sam Mendes for the opportunity to audition for the role of distinctively disfigured teenager “Arseface” when the Skyfall director was attached to direct a big screen adaptation of the comic.

Preacher has passed through many hands,” Rogen told EW on the Albuquerque set of the show, earlier this year. “It’s funny, I just found an email that I sent to Sam Mendes in 2008, when he was announced as the director, asking if I could audition for the role of Arseface. And he said I could. But then the movie fell apart. So, I don’t take it personally.”

Eight years on, Rogen himself is among those in charge of Preacher, which has transformed into a TV show, whose pilot will premiere May 22. Sadly, the Neighbors 2star is now too old — and way too busy — to play the horribly disfigured Arseface. Or is he? In a new, just-released parody of his own show’s trailer, Rogen actually does portray that character and several others from the show.

You can see the video, above.

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