Exclusive first look

Bellamy Young has seen her fair share of tough opponents on Scandal, but none will compare to her face-off in the new movie The Night Stalker.

Young plays Kit, a lawyer representing a man on death row for murders she doesn’t believe he committed. She travels to California to meet with another imprisoned man who she suspects actually committed the crimes, famed serial killer Richard Ramirez (Lou Diamond Phillips). Ramirez, known as the Night Stalker, murdered at least 14 people in Los Angeles during the summer of 1985. Kit, who lived in the city during that terrifying time, finds that confronting Ramirez forces her to relive her own frightening memories.

The film — which debuts on Lifetime at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, June 12 — is written and directed by Megan Griffiths and based on Philip Carlo’s book of the same name.

See the film’s poster above and watch the clip below, where Kit shares information about her past with Ramirez.