By Derek Lawrence
Updated May 18, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

Getting the chance to play with legendary musician Paul McCartney is something most people will go their whole lives wishing for. On Tuesday a 10-year-old got her shot.

During his concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, McCartney invited a young fan, Leila, onto the stage. The musician asked if she wanted him to sign her doll, but she had a more ambitious request. “I want to play the bass with you,” she said.

A surprised McCartney agreed. “This could be interesting,” he said. A white bass guitar, almost the size of the youngster, was quickly brought out for her as the two went on to jam to the Beatles’ classic, “Get Back.”

The duet received a huge reaction from Leila’s hometown crowd. Once finished the two shared an embrace and said, “Muchas gracias.”

Watch the full video above.