Credit: NBC

Joel McHale appeared on the CBS Upfront stage to promote his new comedy — and promptly dissed his previous employers at NBC.

The former Community star was on hand to introduce New York advertisers to The Great Indoors, where the actor plays a renowned adventure reporter who becomes a desk-benched boss to a group of millennials in his publication’s digital department.

“CBS has it all — strategy, hit shows, and, oh yeah, viewers,” McHale said on Wednesday afternoon. “It’s wonderful to be on a broadcast network that will actually advertise the show I’m in.”

NBC, of course, ran Community for five seasons (and at the risk of defending the network, it’s worth pointing out that having a sitcom on Thursday nights on a major broadcast network is about as high profile of a platform as anybody can possible have). The show’s sixth and final season shifted over to Yahoo! Screen, which has since shutdown.

Another CBS star also got Twitter abuzz when Late Show host Stephen Colbert took the stage and called Donald Trump “The Amazing Racist.” He also noted, “2016 has been a big year for comedy. And if Trump wins, 2017 will be a big year for tragedy.”

Earlier Wednesday, CBS revealed its upfront schedule, plus defended the fall lineup’s lack of diversity. Here’s the network’s new trailers — including McHale’s new comedy series, which will air on Thursdays this fall with an enviable lead-in of The Big Bang Theory.