“I’m too old for this s—” is one of those lines you hear quoted so often, it’s easy to forget that it has a definite origin. This line, though, was first spoken by Danny Glover in the iconic 1987 buddy cop movie Lethal Weapon, directed by Richard Donner but written by Shane Black. In a recent interview with ScreenCrush ahead of his new film The Nice Guys, Black dished on the origin of this famous line.

“This is a last-minute idea we had,” Black said. “So many of these things, you throw them away. ‘I’m too old for this s—‘ — it just sort of rolls off and you don’t picture it becoming iconic in any way.”

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Black compared the process to Predator, another venerable ’80s action franchise. Black is currently working on the latest Predator film, which wouldn’t have been possible if the original hadn’t made itself iconic through a similarly slapdash creative process.

“The first Predator, they only had eight weeks to design an alien because the first one crapped out,” Black said. “So they threw it together and went ‘Okay, the mask will look like this,’ and it’s become the most iconic makeup. It’s lasted 30 years now. So often the most hastily arrived at impromptu decisions end up establishing a precedent that’s spectacular. And other times you try for weeks to get something and it sails off the radar.”

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The Nice Guys
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