By Dalene Rovenstine
May 17, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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MTV’s groundbreaking comedy series Faking It was canceled last week, with the news coming just five days before the season 3 finale — now the series finale. Going into the final episode, many of the story lines and relationships are still up in the air. But fans shouldn’t be too worried that they won’t get a conclusion, according to executive producer Carter Covington.

“We were definitely aware that this could be our last season, so we prepared,” Covington tells EW. “We have a typical shocking ending of Faking It, but it is not typical in that all the cliffhangers are in a weird way happy cliffhangers. [Although] the show is set up for another season with new relationship dynamics and triangles, we tried to end it in a way where fans would not be left literally hanging on a cliff.”

Because there are so many relationships at stake in this 30-minute capper, EW asked Covington to outline what we can expect from each.

On Karma and Amy: “It’s always been my intention to explore Karma and Amy together … during the last season. [But] I’ve just never known when the last season would be. When we started breaking these episodes last summer, we still had a lot of hope that the show would live on past this season. I don’t get to explore that storyline, and fans who’ve been wanting it won’t get to see it, but I do think that the series ends now in a place where at least Karma and Amy as friends are in a solid, healthy place.”

On Amy and Sabrina: “We’re going to see that Sabrina is devastated by Amy’s rejection. She’s going to have to try and convince Karma to help her have a second chance. It’s really going to put Karma in the position of, does she hold on to her anger, or does she try to help Amy connect with this person who cares about her. It’s a new place for Karma to be, to sacrifice her own feelings for the feelings of her friend.”

On Lauren and Liam (#Booper): “Liam hates being in a fake relationship and really wants to get out of it. Something will turn him in the series finale where he’s willing to stick in it a little while longer. And then the finale reaches a climax at midnight on New Year’s Eve — and we know what everyone does at midnight on New Year’s Eve!”

On Shane and Noah: “Someone comes back from Noah’s past, and it gives Shane an opportunity to show Noah that he really does see him as Noah, that he really does embrace who he is. It’s going to be a chance for Shane to correct his mistake and misspeaking at the end of episode 309. So, yes, there is hope!”

And with all those relationship problems, which should fans be most concerned about going into the series finale? “I hope if we’re doing our job right, everyone is worried about all of them,” Covington says.

Faking It‘s series finale airs Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. ET on MTV.

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