By Christian Holub
May 17, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

James Corden fans know the host can converse and goof off with guests he doesn’t know personally, but Monday night’s Late Late Showfeatured him interviewing someone he does have history with Preacherstar Dominic Cooper. As it turns out, Cooper and Corden used to share a London flat. And to hear them tell it, the flat was sparse even by aimless 20-something standards.

“We only had one piece of cutlery, which was a spatula,” Cooper said. “And I remember a really depressing evening where he caught me — he came home and I was just eating baked beans with the spatula.”

“There was one time, for about three weeks, all that was in our fridge were a chocolate bunny and half a Vitamin Water, and that was it,” Corden said.

Aside from one bed and a thin sofa, the only big items at Castle Corden-Cooper was a massive drum kit — well, really just two drum kits pushed together. This, eventually, prompted neighbor complaints.

“I still have the letters, the desperate pleas,” Cooper said.

Added Corden: “It was the most British complaint, though. ‘Dominic and James, last night’s noise was most unfair.’ It’s like when your dad says, ‘I’m not angry, I’m disappointed.’ It just cuts through you.”

Watch the clip below.