By Christian Holub
May 17, 2016 at 12:07 PM EDT

When Andy Samberg stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday to promote his upcoming film, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, he engaged in two venerable traditions of the show. The first was a classroom-instruments rendition of The Lonely Island’s “iconic” hit, “I’m On a Boat,” and the second was a game of Catchphrase. Samberg teamed up with supermodel Gigi Hadid against host Jimmy Fallon and baseball player Bryce Harper to see who could win two rounds of the clue-guessing partner game first.

Fallon and Harper took home the first round. They spent so much time on clues like “mic drop” that Samberg and Hadid got stuck with the buzzer. Fallon, however, couldn’t think of anything besides the fact that Harper described bubble wrap as that thing you use when shipping “trophies and stuff.” A sensible clue from someone who unanimously won the National League’s MVP award last season, but Fallon found it hilarious.

“‘What you wrap around trophies when you send them to each other.’ Dude, it’s like looking into a mirror,” Fallon said. “I don’t own one trophy, I don’t think.”

Samberg and Hadid tied things up in the last round, leading to a sudden-death tiebreaker where everything, somehow, came down to Cher (isn’t that always the way?). Watch the clip below. 

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