Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg will team up this summer for The High Road Tour — and from what Khalifa tells EW, the string of dates sounds perfectly tailored to fans of the stoner-rap kings.

“It’s a joint performance,” he says, pausing to let the pun sink in. “It’s me and him sharing a stage. It’s going to be an experience that people can only catch this summer.”

And those who have followed the careers of the two rappers in recent years know their decision to hit the road together from July to September is no gimmick. Khalifa and Snoop released sublimely stoner-friendly film Mac & Devin Go to High School straight to DVD in 2012, along with a full-blown soundtrack with guest spots from Bruno Mars, Curren$y, and Juicy J.

“I definitely learn stuff from him all the time,” Khalifa says of his relationship with Snoop. “Just talking to him, seeing how he operates and runs his business — but also just chilling with somebody who’s a pioneer in the game and somebody who I’ve always looked up to. It’s more like a brotherhood than a friendship.”

Khalifa also promises plenty of surprises beyond the music he and Snoop have already released. “There’s stuff that we worked on that we’re going to be dropping in the summer,” he says. “We’re always working, even if we’re on the road.”

The High Road Tour will also include opening spots from R&B singer Jhené Aiko and emerging rapper Kevin Gates. “I’m a big fan of them both,” Khalifa explains. “I listened to Jhené Aiko when she first started putting out her mixtapes. And Kevin Gates is a homie of mine. I respect him, his music, and his grind. Being a part of his success is a major thing for me and for Snoop — making sure that the people who are up next in hip-hop have the chance to see the same platforms and do the same big things that we’re able to do.”

But as big as the The High Road Tour may be — Khalifa calls it “a major step in my career” — there should be plenty of time to unwind like the title suggests. “Every day is fun,” Khalifa says. “[We’ll] probably just be getting really stoned and listening to some good music.”