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WARNING: This story contains major spoilers from Monday’s episode of 12 Monkeys. Read at your own risk!

In an episode otherwise filled with timely comedic notes — Jennifer Goines and Cassandra Railly need a buddy cop show, STAT — 12 Monkeys took several dark turns, including potentially revealing a familiar face as the infamous Witness.

As the Red Forest threatened the future, Railly (Amanda Schull) went back in time to get Jennifer’s (Emily Hampshire) help in tracking primaries. Instead, Railly came face-to-face with the Witness (maybe), who was revealed to be Aaron (Noah Bean) — you know, the guy who was burned alive last season. Jennifer also faced a shock of her own upon discovering the Word of the Witness, which revealed her death date. Ruh-roh.

Back in the future, Cole (Aaron Stanford) and Ramse (Kirk Acevedo) left Deacon (Todd Stashwick) to die at the hands of his enemy. But Deacon survived and actually came back with a new level of respect for the duo. EW turned to executive producer Terry Matalas to get the scoop on what’s next:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Are you trying to say that Aaron is the Witness?

TERRY MATALAS: I’m just trying to say she saw Aaron in the house. We’ll have to see what that means.

Olivia (Alisen Down) forced Railly to drink the red tea. What does it mean that she went through the immersion?

That’s an answer that is coming quick, but it doesn’t mean anything good. I will say they definitely prepared her mind for something.

Railly has certainly shut herself down, deciding to stay behind in the present. What’s her mindset right now?

She is pretty thrown by the fact that she saw Aaron in this state and is wondering if he is still alive. That’s not something she’d be so quick to tell Cole. She, deep down, is pretty worried about what’s going on inside her, and doesn’t feel like she has that connection to Cole to tell him exactly what it is. It’s territory they’re going to have to both get into before it’s over.

Jennifer Goines spotted the Word of the Witness and now knows —

The day she’s going to die.

Right, what will she do with that information?

Well, if you know you’re not going to die for another 30 years, that can really mess with your head. In one way, you can plan for that day, and it can drive you crazy. Or it can make you feel invincible if you know you’re going to live to see another day every day for 30 years. That’s going to motivate her to take the fight to the Army of the 12 Monkeys. She’s going to feel a little bit invincible, and she’s going to use that to her advantage.

We learned a lot about Olivia during this episode, but who is she really? She doesn’t seem to age.

You will learn a lot more about Olivia and how she fits into all this by the season’s end.

Why didn’t Deacon retaliate when Cole and Ramse left him to die at the hands of the Foreman?

Because they finally did the thing that he’s been pushing for. There’s a mutual respect now between Deacon, Cole, and Ramse that there wasn’t before. For him, they actually had the balls to do something pretty dark, and for them, he actually survived the Foreman, and two giant guys, and is still around. Maybe this guy has earned his right to survive in some way. It puts them all on a bit more even playing field.

12 Monkeys airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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