Hugh Jackman may not have wanted to give away the goods on Wolverine 3, but Patrick Stewart is more forthcoming.

The actor took to social media to confirm Professor Xavier will return for the James Mangold film.

“Worst kept secret,” Stewart wrote on Twitter with hashtags for the character and film. This isn’t the first time he spilled the beans, though. The actor told Collider last year, “I understand that Professor Xavier will be making more than an appearance, however, and that intrigues me.”

In a separate, more recent interview, X-Men franchise producer Hutch Parker said, “I will confirm Patrick Stewart is part of the film.” Jackman, too, teased Stewart’s involvement in the past, but he also has been more cagey about the subject with press. He told ScreenCrush early last year when the news was first revealed that there were “some ideas brewing along that front.”

So, in the words of Key & Peele‘s “Gremlins 2” sketch, not only is Patrick Stewart in the movie, but he’s definitely in the movie.

Producer Simon Kinberg recently confirmed an R rating for Wolverine 3, which will be Jackman’s last time donning the adamantium claws after his appearance in this month’s X-Men: Apocalypse. The actor previously teased the “Old Man Logan” story line from the comics and the potential for a father-son dynamic between Professor X and Logan.

David James Kelly is writing the script, while Stephen Merchant (The Office co-creator) and Boyd Holbrook (Narcos) joined the cast.

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