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Olya Povlatsky, “a woman from a small village in Russia” played by Kate McKinnon, had a few words for the American public when she popped in for the latest edition of SNL “Weekend Update.” When asked to comment on Donald Trump‘s potential to become the next U.S. President, she said, “For years America has made fun of Putin and now you guys have a Putin of your own.”

“But really, America, come on,” she continued. “You guys have Trump, but you call Putin crazy? This is like pot calling all my toes black. At least our guy is jacked.”;

“Weekend Update” cohost Colin Jost also asked Povlatsky about Putin calling Trump a genius, to which she replied, “You know, having Putin call you genius, this is, eh, not compliment. That would be like if my own poop said, ‘You know who smells good? Olya.'”

Apparently, Olya knows what she’s talking about because she met Trump before when he came to her village in the middle of the night to choose a new wife. Last time he almost picked her but went with his current wife Melania Trump because “she had both ears.”

Watch the sketch below.

Earlier, Darrell Hammond reprised his Trump persona for the SNL cold open, where he needed to pick a potential Vice President with his pal Chris Christie (played by Bobby Moynihan).

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