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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season finale of Once Upon a Time. Read at your own risk!

Once Upon a Time opened up a whole new world of stories in the season 5 finale — a good thing for fans, but not so good for the residents of Storybrooke.

Because Belle’s (Emilie de Ravin) father refused to wake her from the sleeping curse, Rumple (Robert Carlyle) was desperate for more power, linking the Olympian Crystal to all the magic in Storybrooke. In their bid to stop him, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) tries to sideline Regina (Lana Parrilla) in the wake of Robin Hood’s (Sean Maguire) death. But Henry (Jared Gilmore) realizes magic has done more harm than good and sets out to destroy it.

Henry heads to New York, where his father Neal (Michael Raymond-James) initially planned to rid the world of magic to avoid his own dad, Rumple. At the public library, Henry discovers other storybooks, as well as the Holy Grail chalice, which he then uses to destroy magic, unaware he’s essentially trapped part of his family.

Earlier in the finale, Zelena (Rebecca Mader), Charming (Josh Dallas), Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin), and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) accidentally get sucked into a portal, sending them to a mysterious land run by a deranged warden (Sam Witwer), who’s an enemy of Gold. They get help from a patient (Hank Harris), who fixes the Sorcerer’s wand.

But as it turns out, the patient and the warden are one and the same: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They hail from the Land of Untold stories, where many of the characters from Henry’s newly discovered storybooks take refuge. Hyde uses a new version of the serum created by Jekyll, which brings out the good in him, effectively separating the two.

To restore magic, Gold and Regina then look to the Dragon (Tzi Ma), who says they may hold the power if they just believe. Hence, Henry incites cynical New Yorkers to believe and throw coins in a fountain, which reignites the Olympian Crystal and opens up a portal that returns everyone to the real world. Though Hyde was left behind, Rumple heads to his world, where he plans to kill Hyde. But Hyde reveals he has information that Rumple could use to wake Belle and wants a deal.

Struggling to keep the Evil Queen at bay, Regina opens up about her karmic baggage, first to Emma and then to Snow, who suggests she use Jekyll’s serum to be rid of the Evil Queen once and for all. Though taunted by her evil half that she’s too weak to follow through, Regina crushes the Evil Queen’s heart, effectively and officially turning to the side of good.

Unfortunately, the season doesn’t end on that happy note. Hyde arrives planning to rule Storybrooke and brings along friends from the Land of Untold Stories to help — which is especially daunting when the Evil Queen reanimates and fires the first shot of the upcoming war by stealing the heart of the Dragon.

What does this all mean for season 6? As executive producer Edward Kitsis recently told EW, “An untold story means it hasn’t been finished yet. And it’s been pushed pause on. Similar to when we met our characters in Storybrooke, they had untold stories, because many of them still had to find their happiness.”

It sounds like these untold stories may finally be told next season.

Once Upon a Time is expected to return in the fall.

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