Credit: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Kesha has two words for body shamers: “F— u.”

The singer blasted those who feel the need to criticize her look, writing Sunday on Instagram that enough was enough.

“I have been battling depression and an eating disorder for a while now. My career is in a strange place and it feels like I’m fighting an uphill fight some days. But I have decided to take my life back,” Kesha wrote on a photo of herself, topless and flipping the bird. “My freedom. My happiness. My voice. My worth. I will not just f—ing be quiet and hide. Today I will say f— it and live. So F———- it. Today I’m making that choice. AND I’M HAPPY AS A DAMN CLAM. And also a big ol’ f— u if u wanna hate on my body. Just remember that makes u look like a dickhead.”

This isn’t the first time the 29-year-old has blasted critics online. Back in March, Kesha told body shamers to “f— off” after posting a bathing suit photo. “Ain’t nobody got time for it.”

Last week, Kesha waved bye to “hates and body shamers,” writing on Instagram, “I’m m hot when my ass is big. I’m hot when it small. GET OVER IT.”