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Drake brought his Canadian roots to the latest edition of Black Jeopardy on Saturday Night Live.

The rapper and evening’s host played Jared in the sketch, a black man who lives in Toronto — much to the surprise of host Darnell Hayes (Kenan Thompson). “Nope!” Hayes replied when asked if he had ever met a black Canadian.

As the sketch went on, the cultural divide between Jared and Darnell was explored further, as Jared admitted his love for hockey (and gave Jaromir Jagr a shoutout) and was mocked by the host.

“Come on, Darnell, black people live all over the world, G. You can’t just put us all into one category,” Jared said in response to Darnell’s taunts.

To which Darnell replied, “Hey, maybe so, Jared. I’m going to go ahead and let you tell that to our American police.”

The sketch ended with Jared making a stand against Darnell, criticizing the host for judging his “definition of black” — an impassioned plea that pushed Jared into the winner’s circle because he said the “secret black phrase of the day”: “It’s making me so angry inside.”

Watch below.

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