Ryan Reynolds may be set to return for Deadpool 2, but what about his hilarious and foulmouthed bar buddy? While details on the sequel and beyond are still few and far between, T.J. Miller says he’s up for returning as Weasel.

Deadpool is not going anywhere anytime soon,” he told CinemaBlend in a recent interview. “I think there’s probably going to be three more installments, a Weasel spin-off. I’m contractually obliged to do the cameos in other X-Men universe stuff, so there’s plenty more Deadpool to come.”

It’s difficult to tell whether Miller was being serious or having some fun with the interview, but he stuck on the Weasel spin-off beat for a bit. “I’m excited about the prospect of a Weasel spin-off,” he said, “because he makes this super suit, that’s not great and it’s a superhero in Las Vegas protects casinos.”

He continued, “I mean, it just, everything about it is perfect for me…What if the Iron Man suit was sort of budget, like he can’t fly, but he can hover three or four feet.” As CinemaBlend and Miller himself pointed out in the past, there is presence for such a plot in the comics; Weasel donned an Iron Man-esque superhero persona called The House.

Director Tim Miller and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are returning for Deadpool 2. The post-credits scene on the first film announced the inclusion of Cable — the telekinetic, telepathic, bionic-armed gunslinger — and actors like Dolph Lundgren and Avatar‘s Stephen Lang are already starting casting campaigns for the role.

“I keep asking them to give Weasel some guns,” Miller tells EW about sequel ideas. He adds, “If they’re not going to bring me into that aspect of it, then I’m okay with that too. I think the physical comedy in action sequences is fantastic. Like 21 Jump Street did a great job with that. So that’s kind of what I would like for Deadpool 2.”

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