May 14, 2016 at 04:18 PM EDT

According to Stephen Colbert‘s recent segment on The Late Show, the world of emojis is a lot like many other industries: “Right now it’s a bit of an eggplant fest.”

“Everyone likes emojis but not everyone is properly represented in emojis,” he said. “For instance, women are not well represented in the emoji world.” Thankfully, Google announced they’ll be producing more diverse female emojis. 

Colbert, for one, supports the plan because he notes emoji men can be cops, detectives, Santa, a British palace guard, and even “a construction worker who also sells pot.” The women? Not so many options. But, as the host points out, perhaps the ghost emoji was really a woman who had “a great career as chemical engineer.” 

Watch Colbert’s segment in the video above. 

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