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What is Jo hiding from Alex on Grey’s Anatomy? — CamillaLNews

You mean why she turned down his proposal? That will be explained in full in the finale. “I was really shocked that she turned him down,” Camilla Luddington tells me. “I definitely thought that she was going to say yes by the end of the season. It is confusing because I do think that she adores him. I think they’ve been getting along really well. We haven’t seen them fighting, so it makes you question what else is going on there. I feel like we haven’t scratched the surface of why it is a no.”

Loving all the familiar faces on Supernatural. Any hope for more appearances? — Caitlin

Considering that finding Amara — and then defeating Amara — is not going to be easy, the Winchesters and God are going to need all the help they can get. “They’re cut from the same cloth,” Rob Benedict says of the siblings’ power. “So it’s a delicate thing, and he definitely needs [Sam and Dean] and anyone else he can get. He can’t do it by himself.” In other words, it certainly sounds like God could use all the familiar faces he can find.

What’s coming up in the Quantico finale? — Michele

EP Josh Safran wants viewers to pay attention to a key scene between Alex and another character we’ve met many times, who will be “the tie between season 1 and season 2,” he says. In other words, it won’t just be Alex acting as the bridge into next year.

Anything you can share about the Once Upon a Time finale? — Gary

While the heroes are skipping town, “It’s not all about New York and it’s not all about Storybrooke,” EP Adam Horowitz says. “There are other elements we’re excited to unveil in the season finale.” Among those elements are some new faces, though EP Edward Kitsis teases we’ll “say hello to some old friends,” too. As for the title of the second hour, “An Untold Story,” Kitsis explains, “To us, an untold story means it hasn’t been finished yet. And it’s been pushed pause on. Similar to when we met our characters in Storybrooke, they had untold stories, because many of them still had to find their happiness. The curse pushed pause. I can promise you there will be no curse in the finale.” More scoop here.

Vampire Diaries fans need Steroline scoop, please!!!! — Mary

Fear not, the season 7 finale will give Steroline fans some answers. “By the end of this episode, we will absolutely understand where their relationship is going to go or not go moving forward,” EP Julie Plec reveals. Be sure to have tissues handy!

What’s coming up for Kidd and Severide in the Chicago Fire finale? — Erin

According to EP Matt Olmstead, Kidd’s unstable ex-husband becomes a “major complication in the last few moments of the finale in terms of what he’s willing to do to prevent his ex-wife from going forward” in her relationship with Severide.

Are we going to have a Daisy/Coulson run-in soon on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Katie

Now that Daisy is back, Coulson will certainly try to help Daisy deal with the guilt she’s feeling in the wake of being under Hive’s sway. “It’s easier to be forgiven by others than to forgive yourself for certain things,” says EP Jeff Bell. Adds EP Maurissa Tancharoen: “It takes a bigger toll than you would probably expect.”

How will Burgess deal in the wake of the trial on Chicago P.D.? — Sarah

Even though Burgess was cleared, it’s going to be hard for her to move past what happened. “It’s difficult because people in that situation, once your name is out there, it’s hard to shake that stigma,” EP Matt Olmstead says. “That’s her journey moving forward, ‘I’m going to prove everybody wrong — those who doubted me, anyway.’ It’s tough because there are so many police officers and so many risk their lives and do a great job. Yeah, there are some bad apples, but there’s also some who, once your name gets in the news, you can’t take it out again. She’s known for this. It would be easier to walk away at some point, but it’s wanting to remain a cop, but also to reestablish the credibility as an officer.”

Is Marcel turning into the villain on The Originals? — Amy

Well, that’s to be determined, but he’s certainly a threat. “Elijah recognizes the threat and is trying to be a little more objective about this time bomb that they’ve created in Marcel,” Joseph Morgan says. “Klaus really wants to repair the damage.” Let’s just hope he can do that before Marcel makes a deadly decision.

The Pallid Man lives! Please give me some scoop on what’s next for him on 12 Monkeys! — Mikey

Did. Not. See. That. Twist. Coming. As for what’s next, “We establish that he’s frustrated with Olivia, and with the way that Olivia has run the operation for some time,” EP Terry Matalas says. “In that same regard, Olivia is frustrated with the Witness in the fact that she believed in this figurehead who had all the answers and the Witness has been wrong.” Sounds like discord in the Army of the 12 Monkeys is abound. Speaking of familiar faces returning: Jay Karnes’ harried ’40s detective will return before the end of the season, but we’ll “see Agent Gale in another time period,” Matalas adds.

I’m sensing another Denny situation here with Stephanie and Kyle. How will she deal after his death on Grey’s Anatomy? — Helga

Even though I already answered one Grey’s Anatomy question, I’m going to do something I never do and actually give you a BONUS piece of scoop. Why? Because I’m generous. And because, the truth is, we’re not going to see the full extent of how she feels in the finale given that it’s so focused on Amelia and Owen’s wedding. “What we do see is that it is still weighing very heavily on her, and Jo isn’t exactly sympathetic to that,” Jerrika Hinton says. “Jo has her own stuff that she’s much more concerned with.” (See above.) “It’s real deep grieving. There’s the anger at the situation, anger at herself, disappointment with the way that her colleagues have handled the surgery. There’s tons of blame going around, tons of guilt within herself.”

Worst news I’ve heard all week: RIP Agent Carter.

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