By Scott Foley and Joshua Malina
May 13, 2016 at 06:00 PM EDT
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Consider it handled. Each week, Scandal fan favorites Joshua Malina and Scott Foley, who play David Rosen and Jake Ballard, respectively, join forces to bring you behind-the-scenes scoop. Here, they revisit the season 6 finale.

Joshua Malina: So, this is it. The final Folina. The Finalina!

Scott Foley: Yeah.

JM: I mean, of this season, anyway.

SF: Probably of all time.

JM: Are we calling it?

SF: I feel like we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.

JM: Write a handful of largely substanceless puff pieces and release them on an irregular schedule?

SF: That was our original goal. But we’ve got one more to crank out, so let’s do it. Let’s discuss “That’s My Girl.”

JM: That’s my boy. This episode was a real humdinger. I knew what was going to happen, and I still wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I mean, you offed your father-in-law for $$$ before the credit roll. That’s badass. Still, you couldn’t have held the man’s hand as he expired? Maybe stroked his hair? Offered a little solace?

SF: It wasn’t in the script. What do you want from me? I did feel bad about it, though. Could you tell? Doesn’t matter.

JM: Also, Jeff Perry in pajamas. JP in PJs! What a cutie. And what a romantic rollercoaster Cyrus was on in this episode. I completely bought into Cyrom. I really thought Tom and Cyrus were going to make it work. But again Shonda pulled the rug out, and it looks like next season might include a healthy dose of Myrus.

SF: Yeah, it appears you’ll have your hands full next season with all of the names to “ship.” Cyrus was a bit cold when breaking up with Tom, didn’t you think?

JM: I did.

SF: No reason, no choice, just “it’s over.” And that was after the Of Mice and Men low blow.

JM: Maybe Cyrus cut him loose because Tom thought finding a baby on a train and keeping an eye on it from Prague to Vienna qualified him for child care. I noticed he left “Killed Jerry Grant, Jr.” off his babysitter resume.

A favorite moment: Fitz says “Vermont,” and a nation of Olitzers sigh. Man oh man, Fitz and Olivia got me all in my feels in that Oval office scene.

SF: Me too!! Sorry. I got a little excited there. That Liv/Fitz scene was great. Especially knowing that Fitz had seen her medical records and knew about the abortion.

JM: Yes. What a shame Abby didn’t realize that her desk has drawers.

SF: It put a great spin on the “I support your decision” line. Well done, I thought. Also, the scene between Mellie and Fitz was beautiful.

JM: The let’s-fight-in-a-convention-hall scene?

SF: Yes. I was rooting for Fitz and then Mellie… it was really well written.

And while we’re talking about high points, I thought that the scene between Rosen and Liz where she talks about crying. Real tears, from her eyes, nicely done.

JM: Hey, thanks.

SF: …on Portia’s part.

JM: Boom. I see what you did.

SF: I’m really interested in how the next season is going to play out. Relationship-wise, election-wise, Rosen-wise. Does his term end when Fitz leaves office?

JM: Holy smokes, never thought of that. No fixed term for an AG! DR could be out of work… again. Mind if I say it for what could be the last time?

SF: Knock yourself out.

JM: “I’m the Attorney General of the United States.”

SF: You’ve still got it.

JM: And dude, what’s going to be with Jake in season 6? Are you going to wind up a heartbeat away from the Presidency? Scary, scary thought.

SF: And what of Cyrus? He’s kind of an island right now as well. With Jake, Liv, Fitz, Rowan, Abby, and the gladiators all on team Mellie, what is Cyrus going to do? How will he scheme to win the election? So many questions!

JM: And so many weeks before they’re answered. I guess that wraps up Scandal until next season. Bye, Scott. I’ll miss you.

SF: Yeah. Yeah you will.

JM: Boom.

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