Jimmy Kimmel asked Rhimes and star Kerry Washington about the possibility of an Olivia pregnancy

By Christian Holub
May 13, 2016 at 12:41 PM EDT

Many TV shows have become accustomed to hiding actresses’ pregnancies, but Scandal almost made an art of the practice. As Jimmy Kimmel pointed out in his Thursday night interview with Kerry Washington and Shonda Rhimes, Scandal was very creative in its use of foregrounding objects to cover Washington’s baby bump during her last pregnancy — to the point that Kimmel photoshopped some of his one pictures of Olivia Pope holding an accordion or a “Condos for Sale” sign, and they didn’t seem that out of place.

Now Washington is pregnant again, and the first thing Kimmel wanted to know was who she told first: her parents or Rhimes.

“Oh, my parents don’t want me to answer that,” Washington said.

The next thing Kimmel wanted to know was how Scandal is going to deal with this pregnancy next season. Rhimes assured him there was a game plan in place, at which point Kimmel wondered if he had stumbled upon a possible plot point.

“Is Olivia Pope going to be pregnant on the show next season?” Kimmel asked.

Rhimes, naturally, demurred, so viewers will have to wait and see.

Watch the clip below.