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Stephen Colbert is a well-known aficionado of all things Middle-Earth; he even appeared on EW’s cover ahead of Peter Jackson’s final The Hobbit movie dressed like Gandalf, Legolas, and Bilbo. His The Lord of the Rings fandom even helped him win over Ryan Gosling’s mom. According to The Nice Guys star, his mom had not been a fan of Colbert’s trademark political satire, but was totally won over after his Tolkien competition with James Franco. So she wrote a Lord of the Rings question for Gosling to bring on the show and try to stump Colbert. A nervous Colbert even crossed himself before the question was asked.

“In The Fellowship of the Ring, Being the First Part of The Lord of the Rings, full title, Gandalf is trying to find the dwarf doors of Moria, and an archway appears on the rockface,” Gosling said. “Do you remember that?”

“Yes I do remember that,” Colbert said. “Is that the question? Yes, the doors of Moria, what about them?”

“My question is: the archway appears on… what page?” Gosling asked. All Colbert could do was hang his head, laugh, and spin in his chair.

A triumphant Gosling then stood up and high-fived Russell Crowe, having become the first person to ever publicly stump Colbert with a Tolkien question.

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