By Dan Snierson
May 13, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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The Last Man on Earth will unveil its season 2 finale on Sunday, and questions loom over the post-apocalyptic comedy like a curious drone: Where did Mike (Jason Sudeikis) go? And is he about to die? And if so, will he prank Phil (Will Forte) one last time, or will it be Phil who has the last laugh? Or will no one be laughing because someone is dying and this is actually kind of serious? And, oh, yeah, what’s up with that drone?

Perhaps we should check in with Forte — who also serves as Last Man creator/executive producer — to see what he can reveal about the second season send-off, titled “30 Years of Science Down the Tubes” (Sunday at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox). “This is a story that encompasses a wide variety of emotions,” he tells EW. “It’s very fun in many ways, it’s sad, it’s exciting, it’s a little scary, and it’s nerve-wracking… It gets me excited for what’s to come.”

Asked what viewers should expect from Mike’s seemingly tragic story, Forte only says: “One thing I’ve learned from reading comments about this next episode is that some people don’t know if they’re ever going to see Mike again, so they might not.” He pauses. “But they might.”

Forte also kindly dropped these hints about the episode:

“Tandy may or may not take a road trip in the Back to the Future car.”

“A very important fart is released into the wild.”

“The calf gets NC-17 with the business end of a shotgun.”

“Beware the Srirachening!”

“Hopefully you’re not sick of the song ‘Falling Slowly’ yet.”

“The episode ends with a cliffhanger, and I’m not talking about the Sylvester Stallone movie (boom, I still got it).”

To see a clip from the Last Man on Earth finale, click here.

Will Forte stars as Phil Miller, the last man on Earth, who is just trying to get by in Tucson, Arizona.
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