By Christian Holub
May 13, 2016 at 02:55 PM EDT

The title of Drake’s latest album, Views, was at one point rumored to be a little longer: Views from the 6. That term, “the 6,” has become Drake’s de facto method of referring to his hometown of Toronto. As he explained to Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, it comes from a mix of Toronto’s area code (416) and the fact that the city used to be divided into six parts. 

The Toronto connection also explains Views‘ cover, which features a Photoshopped Drake sitting atop the CN Tower. As with most things Drake, this was immediately meme’d into oblivion; it was difficult to navigate Twitter without running into mini-Drakes placed onto everything from Rihanna’s shoulder to the Millennium Falcon. Fallon even prepared for Drake’s visit by printing out a bunch of mini-Drakes. Since no one memes Drake better than Drake himself, the rapper put one of them on his own shoulder.

“Drake on Drake, this is so meta,” Fallon said.

“There’s so many walls breaking at this point,” Drake said.  

Watch the video below.