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By Christian Holub
Updated May 13, 2016 at 12:16 PM EDT
Credit: NBC

Jimmy Fallon loves putting a twist on basketball. The Tonight Show host has previously modified the game into the boombox-heaving “Random Object Shootout” with Taylor Lautner. And he put a spin on it again Thursday night, pulling guest Drake into a few rounds of his game “Faceketball,” in which the two players use their own foreheads as stands for basketball hoops. According to Fallon’s rules, the first one to score three baskets won.

The game actually turned out to be harder than it looked, due partly to the flimsiness of the hoops. Drake, for instance, hit his first shot but almost knocked the hoop off Fallon’s head with his second. Fallon, meanwhile, had to dunk to finally score his first point. Fallon felt bad about this dunk, though, so he offered Drake a free shot at one of his own — only for the rapper to seize his opponent’s moment of weakness.

Watch the clip below.

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