Don’t Breathe, which recently premiered at SXSW and hits theaters on August 26, is unexpected for a number of reasons. As you can see in the very first trailer, premiering exclusively on EW, the story centers around one big twist. It turns out the blind man (Stephan Lang) who a group of young thieves (Dylan Minnette, Jane Levy, and Daniel Zovatoo) intend to steal from is definitely someone not to be messed with.

But also, the new movie from Ghost House Pictures, Sam Raimi’s production company, is the second English-language film from Fede Alvarez, who directed the Evil Dead remake. His latest, though, is nothing like that gore-fest.

When EW spoke with Alvarez at SXSW, he explained that Don’t Breathe is a much more personal film to him. (Not in a literal sense, obviously.)

“That’s never something that crossed my mind to say, that [Evil Dead] was a personal film,” Alvarez said. “With a film like [Don’t Breathe], one that came out of a blank page after I sat down and thought about what story to tell — and it came from me and my co-writer [Rodo Sayagues] — it’s easier to feel ownership with that from a creative standpoint.”

Don't Breathe
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