By Clark Collis
Updated May 13, 2016 at 08:10 PM EDT
Alina Hartwig/Sparkling Pictures

Re-Animator star Barbara Crampton is on a full-bore roll at the moment, thanks to her appearances in last year’s acclaimed We Are Still Here and the upcoming films Sun Choke (out in theaters on Aug. 5) and Beyond the Gates (which screens at the upcoming L.A. Film Festival), among other projects. Indeed, the actress recently wrapped another movie, called Replace. Directed by firsttime filmmaker Norbert Keil, this horror-thriller stars Rebecca Forsythe (We Are Your Friends) as a young woman who is afflicted with a strange disease. When she starts to age rapidly, she discovers that she can replace her own skin with the flesh of others to maintain her beauty. In addition to Forsythe and Crampton, Replace stars Lucie Aron and Sean Knopp, while the script was written by Keil and Richard Stanley, the director of Hardware and Dust Devil.

“Richard and& Norbert’s script tells such a unique and rare story, I’m very proud to be able to bring it to the screen, especially working with such a great creative team,” said producer Felix von Poser, in a statement. Poser’s company, Sparkling Pictures, oversaw the film’s production in collaboration with Canada’s Ultra 8 Pictures, as well as Germany’s EMF Filmproduktion and Gerhard Lidl Film.

You can see an exclusive image of Crampton in Replace above and another of Forsythe, below.

Alina Hartwig/Sparkling Pictures