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By Christian Holub
May 12, 2016 at 08:21 PM EDT
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Maisie Williams’ social media presence has already become a highlight of following Game of Thrones mania this season — and the fun is only amping up. As a followup to her Instagram tale of crashing a fans’ premiere party, Williams on Thursday shared a YouTube video showing her experience at the official season 6 premiere in Los Angeles.

The video starts with Williams and costar Sophie Turner hanging around in their hotel room, pondering the countdowns of streetlights, and exploring a Rite Aid. As they prepared for hair and makeup, Williams shows off her big bruises that would need to be covered up — not, as a viewer might expect, from getting repeatedly hit with a stick by a Braavosi waif, but rather from falling down her stairs. The story, which begins with Williams’ friend’s dog farting in the car, explains the video’s title: “Bubblegum and Farts.”

“It smelled really bad, but she has this Jelly Belly bubblegum-hanging thing, and I said, ‘Haha. When you get back in your car, it’s gonna smell like bubblegum and farts,'” Williams explains. “And literally with that, I slipped on the step all the way to the bottom.”

After hair and makeup, Williams arrives at the premiere. She takes a temporary break from interviews to mug with costar Finn Jones, who notes that the Game of Thrones red carpet had been rolled over iconic stars’ fingerprints outside the TCL Chinese Theatre.

“It feels like the dead are climbing up together,” Jones says.

Adds Williams: “It’s really disrespectful. This is a big achievement for a lot of actors.

“I know, and Game of Thrones has just been like, ‘Whatever, roll on in,'” Jones replies.

Williams later takes a moment to take in the size and passion of the massive premiere crowd. “We had our premiere here three years ago for season 3,” she says. We’re now on season 6, and to see how much bigger the carpet has got, how many more fans are waiting outside… is just incredible. This never, ever gets boring.”

Watch the video above.

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