By Christian Holub
Updated May 12, 2016 at 12:38 PM EDT
Credit: NBC

As if Snapchat face-swaps weren’t enough, Jimmy Fallon introduced a new way to make pictures weird on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show. In “Bonk!,” a parody of German television shows, Fallon presented himself as Dr. Vanderbonk, an accented mad scientist-like figure who joyfully “bonks” pictures of celebrities, transforming them into strange caricatures with bug eyes, small heads, and other distortions.

Fallon/Vanderbonk took no prisoners, gleefully “bonking” everyone from Johnny Depp to Nyquist, the horse that won the Kentucky Derby. He went into theme rounds (dead Jon Snow and alive Jon Snow, Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump) and always threw in silly puns (“Hey Justin, is it too late now to say bonk-y?”).

Watch the video below.

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