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Will Five-0 be down a member by season’s end?

During the two-hour Hawaii Five-0 finale, the team must race against the clock to save McGarrett’s life after he’s seriously wounded while undercover. “One of their own is in jeopardy,” executive producer Peter M. Lenkov tells EW. “Usually we’re out there saving other people’s lives. In this case, it’s one of our own whose life we have to save. It’s all hands on deck to make that happen. One of them is down and everybody has to fight to save that person’s life. It comes down to the final seconds of the show.”

But McGarrett isn’t the only one in danger. During the first hour of the finale, the team finally tracks down Gabriel (Christopher Sean). But the real problem is getting him to the police station since they’re not the only one looking to take him off the board. Check out an exclusive sneak peek of the finale to see how that works out.

The two-hour Hawaii Five-0 finale kicks off Friday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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