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Grey’s Anatomy is going all out for its season 12 finale with a wedding for Amelia and Owen, EW has learned.

After only recently reuniting, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) decided during Thursday’s episode to get married. And yes, they really will be heading down the aisle in the finale. “It does [seem fast], and it doesn’t,” McKidd tells EW. “These guys have been dancing around each other for quite a few seasons. They kept getting derailed, and then they’re back on track. It’s very Amelia and Owen to act this way. Whether it’s the right decision, we’ll see next season.”

Before you think Owen and Amelia jumped from engagement to wedding rather quickly, note that there is a bit of a time jump in the finale. But in true Grey’s fashion, the day won’t be without its challenges. “The specter of Cristina is one of the things that’s a big spoke in the wheel for Amelia’s crisis of conscience on her wedding day,” McKidd says. “Meredith has some feelings that are ambivalent, because Meredith is very proud and a mama bear. She was asked by Cristina to be Owen’s protector. She has her issues with Amelia. Meredith and her have a huge blowout on the wedding day.”

“It seems impulsive for Amelia, and she has a history of doing impulsive things,” Pompeo says. “Meredith is all over the place, to be honest. One minute Meredith thinks it’s a bad idea and tries to talk her out of it, and then the next minute, she tries to talk her into it. I think Meredith is conflicted too. Meredith wants to see people have their love, because she doesn’t have her love. She wants to push people toward love, but then there’s issues with pushing Amelia toward love. That’s her best friend’s ex-husband. It’s complicated.”

But Meredith isn’t Amelia’s only sister who has her reservations about the nuptials as Maggie (Kelly McCreary) also has some thoughts on the big day. “She takes it very personally at first and realizes how it’s going to impact her life, which is that Amelia will be moving out of the house, and that’s a bummer for her,” McCreary says. Ultimately, though, “Maggie is all aboard for people to be in love,” she adds. “Maggie is really in a place where she’s ready to be in love, likes being around it, likes talking about it, so she’s all for the wedding.” (Well, Maggie probably won’t be happy about this then.)

Despite how everyone else feels, Owen is full-steam ahead for the wedding. “Owen’s been ready for a while,” McKidd says. “Being a guy, he got all shut down and wouldn’t speak to Amelia about his problems. He created issues. But as far as his commitment to her, he’s been strangely waiting for her and trying to win her back, really. He’s been all in for a while.”

The Grey’s Anatomy finale will air Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Read our postmortem with Ellen Pompeo and Martin Henderson about that shocking final scene here.

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