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It’s been almost a year since the day Scott Patterson went on the Gilmore Guys podcast and hinted at talks about a Gilmore Girls revival. And now, as the four-part Netflix project is wrapping production, Patterson returned to the podcast to talk about his experience returning to Stars Hollow (and Luke’s flannel shirts).

When it comes to the shooting experience now versus the show’s original run, Patterson said, “I just think everybody’s more grateful. We’re happy to see each other… We were younger then and maybe a little bit naïve about the business, some of us… People are closer now. Friendships are deeper.”

As for the content of the revival, Patterson said, “Everything seems bigger, better,” noting that the show feels more “like a feature film,” which makes sense when you consider that Neflix is calling the four 90-minutes installments “movies” and not “episodes.”

But regardless of what they’re called, Patterson thinks fans are going to be “ecstatic” with the end result. “Tonally, it’s deeper,” he said of the revival. While he said the show maintains its “light, comedic tone,” he also revealed that “the emotions run deeper. There’s more to deal with.”

“It hasn’t lost any of its original charm at all,” Patterson continued, before adding, “We’re going to places that these characters haven’t gone before, emotionally speaking.”

And speaking to how the show ends, Patterson said it’s “not necessarily a cliffhanger but it kind of is,” before adding, “There’s room for more. It didn’t end… but maybe it did.” Patterson’s 50-50 on whether the show could continue on, but as far as he’s concerned, “I would hope that there would be more,” he said.

The Gilmore Girls revival will hit Neflix later this year.

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Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, ...
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