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They say Los Angeles is the City of Angels, and The Amazing Race’s season 28 finalists are surely wondering if that might magically earn them a pair of wings — because, as revealed in the exclusive clip above, they are about to have to fly.

The Dancers, Team Alabama, and Team Torey have raced all over the world to make it to the final leg of the race, and now all that stands between one team and that Final Mat victory is flinging themselves off a building that stands more than 150-feet above the ground. And this isn’t just your average TAR bungee jump. In the 12th and final leg’s Road Block, one member of each team must thrust themselves off a building to try and snatch their clue from midair.

We have a few questions: Will Sheri, who is notoriously scared of heights (but just as notoriously full of spunk) be able to complete this task? If Matt doesn’t grab his clue on the first try, will Dana be able to keep herself from eviscerating him upon his return to the ground? And, most importantly, where are Tyler and Korey?! Scour the clip above and make your best predictions for which team is going down in TAR history, and which team might just go over the edge in the finale.

The Amazing Race finale airs Friday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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